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Instant Article Wizard CRACK Download

Instant Article Wizard version 3.21 Cracked

Released on June 2014

Instant Article Wizard Version 3.21 Crack Change Log

UPDATE: Modified handling of Google Captchas.  

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Instant Article Wizard 3 aims to make it easy to repurpose content on the net and help you make it unique fast. With the Instant Article Wizard this has become a lot easier as it automatically extracts keyword based content from a number of different sources.


Instant Article Wizard 3 (IAW) is Developed by Jon Leger, the brain behind The Best Spinner (TBS), hands-down the best article spinner out there. In fact, some of IAW’s rewriting functions are powered by TBS.


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Instant Article Wizard Original Price: $77 per year

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All of the functions in IAW work fine except identify synonyms.

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Instant Article Wizard Crack
Instant Article Wizard Crack
#1 Admin @ 25.Feb.2015. 21:30
@Vishal Thank you for your interest in our product. Please check your email for payment details.
#2 Vishal @ 25.Feb.2015. 05:45
Hi , IF this service still available. I would like to have Instant Article wizard.
#3 george @ 12.Feb.2014. 06:08
Great stuff, thanks
#4 Johnny Nguyen @ 30.Oct.2013. 03:12
Thank you so much!!!
#5 Admin @ 29.Oct.2013. 23:55
@Johnny Nguyen Please check your email.
Thank you
#6 Johnny Nguyen @ 29.Oct.2013. 23:23
I want this product. How to get it?
#7 Admin @ 18.Jul.2013. 18:42
@zac41 Thank you for your interest in our product. Just sent you details at your email.
#8 zac41 @ 18.Jul.2013. 18:13
i want this programme and thankxx !!
#9 Admin @ 27.Feb.2013. 13:35
@Tina Yes we confirm its full version and working same like official one. We provide free updates. You don't need to pay monthly/yearly fees.
#10 Tina @ 27.Feb.2013. 02:29
Hi, is this the full version and is it still working? How long do you get access for? Thanks
#11 Admin @ 14.Dec.2012. 20:51
@Christy Yes its available at $10 Only and Fully working same like official copy. Our crack download file includes setup, crack and necessary instructions file so you don't need to download official software setup or any thing from anywhere else.

You can Pay through PayPal after adding it to your cart by clicking the cart image given at the top right of this Instant Article Wizard Crack sales page. If you want to use other payment method then you can contact us for details.
#12 Christy @ 14.Dec.2012. 20:38
I'm a content and blog article writer. I have been desperately trying to save up for this program.
Is it still available @ 10$ and does this still work??
PLEASE let me know asap!!
Do not need another program to rip me off. I live on $580/mth, minus the $1/500 word articles I write.
I need something to help me get more articles out there so I can live.. DOES IT WORK? HOW DO I PAY & GET THE WHOLE THING? I did d/l this 2 days ago until saw cost of 77$
#13 Admin @ 03.Dec.2012. 23:41
@Charles Yes we confirm its working perfectly. We have sent you an email with Credit Card Payment link.
#14 charles @ 03.Dec.2012. 19:08
i wish to know if it still works as at today ,2nd December, 2012. If it does my i have your credit card details for payment
#15 Admin @ 07.Aug.2012. 21:23
@Gaz As of 7 August 2012 we have Instant Article Wizard Latest version 3.086 crack available and we confirm that its working fine.
#16 Gaz @ 07.Aug.2012. 19:26
Can you please confirm this crack is still working as of 7 August 2012? Thanks...
#17 hawa @ 23.Apr.2012. 04:48
it is nice program and very helpful
#18 zander @ 14.Feb.2012. 17:27
Would like to say great work just tried it and works 100% defo will be using you for more products very soon!
#19 Admin @ 13.Feb.2012. 23:05
@zander we have released Instant Article Wizard latest version 3.084 Crack. Please Download latest version Crack Free update from your account and enjoy!
#20 zander @ 13.Feb.2012. 21:45
It says I have to update it before using it, If i update it no longer works what do i do?
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