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Magic Article Rewriter CRACKED


Magic Article Rewriter is very similiar to one of The Best Spinners i.e TBS

The Magic Article Rewriter is very easy to use. It’s user-friendly. You don’t have to be an expert article marketer to know how to use this tool. It will help you create unique versions of your article by these easy steps:

- Loading original article in the software

- Launching the program’s spinning tool

- Selecting the word, phrase or sentence that you want to rewrite.

- Choosing synonyms

- Pressing the rewrite button

That's it :)


There are tons of benefits from the Magic Article Rewriter Crack and one of them is the ability to spin variations of the original articles to end up with a unique version.


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Original Price: $47

Crack Price: $7 ONLY

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Magic Article Rewriter CRACK Download
Magic Article Rewriter CRACK Download
#1 Admin @ 29.Oct.2016. 21:42
@Shivaay Thank you for your interest in our product. Please check your email for details.
#2 Shivaay @ 29.Oct.2016. 08:54
How do I purchase this crack at $7 price?
Please tell me fast, I'm going to purchase it.
#3 aoma @ 15.Apr.2014. 21:04
thanks you verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much
#4 bill @ 25.Jan.2012. 06:35
hey freenfulldownloads i love your products i have baught alot and you guys are great.
#5 Admin @ 26.Jul.2011. 17:59
@Lainah Thanks you so much for your positive feedback.

Please make sure to follow the instructions exactly and you should not get that Trial message. Please find the email reply sent to you for details.

If you already have index.html then you don't need to put the new one for Magic Article Rewriter.
#6 Lainah @ 26.Jul.2011. 06:40
Hi Bro,
Great site, I love it. I already grab a few product from here, its working great. Thanks.

I got 1 question regarding my Magic Article Rewriter Crack. Follow all instruction as usual but in my first run, this information : You will get "Microsoft .NET Framework" warning saying "License Invalid". does not come out but its come out : Trial for 5 days.

I already install Auto Blog Samurai using wampserver before and in my folder /wamp/www has index.php and after install MAR crack, copy and paste another index.html. Is it ok?

By the way, your service and your product is great, save me a lot, thanks, and your knowledge about product you sale is excellent. Congrats.

Thank you.
#7 Admin @ 10.Jul.2011. 23:17
@wibowo no you don't need to pay extra for token database. You can update when any newer version is released.
#8 wibowo @ 09.Jul.2011. 21:04
I am interested with this product.

After reviewing genuine one on other site, this software needs more $$$ for Synonym token database 2.0 Update.

How about this cracked software?
Should I pay more and again for Synonym token database 2.0 Update ?

Please let me know.
#9 Admin @ 06.Jul.2011. 22:24
@Chris No, to run our Magic Article Rewriter Crack you don't need to make any changes with date. You can use it like original software and can even update when any new version is released by Magic Article Rewriter developers.
#10 chris @ 06.Jul.2011. 09:14
Is this the crack where you need to run run as date? As I have that but just had 2 format my harddrive and now it has messed up so my trial period is over. Thanks
#11 Admin @ 28.Jun.2011. 15:20
@Imam Suyudi wa-alaikum-assalam Bro,

1- You can use any of them. If you already have xampp then you don't need to download wamp.
2- If you use xampp then put the required folder to following location:
#12 Imam Suyudi @ 28.Jun.2011. 09:36
Hello Bro

I have some questions about installing Magic article rewriter :
1. Is the same or not between xampp and wampp? because I already have xampp.
2. If I use xampp, where I should put the file from crack folder?

Thanx for your help. Salute for FreenFullDownloads. Cheers!

Imam Suyudi
#13 Admin @ 22.Jun.2011. 18:07
@jo Its Magic Article Rewriter 1.84 Latest version. Its update-able crack so you can update when any newer version is released by developers.
#14 jo @ 22.Jun.2011. 16:45
Magic Article Rewriter version?
#15 Admin @ 19.Jun.2011. 19:02
@CYKen Yes it can auto spin articles with the click of a button.
#16 CYKen @ 19.Jun.2011. 18:00
Hi, Can this auto spin articles?
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