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Long Tail Pro Platinum Crack Download

Long Tail Pro 3.0.43 Crack Released

(Release Date: 17th March 2016)

Long Tail Pro Platinum Crack Video Proof!

It makes your keyword research

Simple, Complete, Effective and Quick

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Long Trail Pro Platinum Cracked main features are to:

- Search Multiple Keywords at Once
- Generate up to 800 results per seed keyword
- Pre-filter keywords
- Automatically find Domains
- Google or Bing Title Competition
- Competitor Analysis on top 10 Google Results
- Check Rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
- Calculate Keyword Competitiveness
- Save Favorite keywords
- Import lists of keywords (up to 10,000 at once)

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Long Trail Pro Platinum Crack Price: $15 Only with FREE Updates

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Long Tail Pro Platinum CRACK Download
Long Tail Pro Platinum CRACK Download
#1 Frick @ 23.Mar.2016. 18:32
Wow! This is working awesome..
#2 Admin @ 22.Jan.2016. 23:08
@Brad yes our copy is working well like official version. Currently we are providing one year free updates on LongTailPro Platinum. Once newer version is released you can download free update from members' area.
#3 Brad @ 22.Jan.2016. 20:40
If purchased will i have access to all features? if any upgrade features are available?
#4 Joy @ 24.Dec.2015. 04:19 people are awesome..Thanks a lot. working perfectly..many more purchases Ahead...
#5 NEVILLE @ 16.Dec.2015. 20:46
Wow longtailpro has improved so much since last year.

Works great thank you very much.

All The Best
#6 Zolar @ 06.Oct.2015. 13:44
Works like a charm. Thanks a million...
#7 admin @ 04.Oct.2015. 18:10
@bharath Yes its LongTailPro Platinum Latest version and working perfectly same like official copy.
#8 bharath @ 04.Oct.2015. 16:04
Hi, Is the latest design of Login tail pro platinum is updated?
#9 Rezaul Karim @ 10.Jul.2015. 08:11
Long Tail Pro Cracked works great! Thanks admin. We want more crack applications like, gsa search engine ranker, explaindio video creator, etc.
#10 Admin @ 19.May.2015. 21:46
@Andrew Yes Long Tail Pro is Mac Compatible.
#11 andrew @ 19.May.2015. 18:06
Do Long Tail Pro Platinum able to support Mac ?
#12 Admin @ 24.Nov.2014. 10:05
@Craig Thu Don't worry our LongTailPro Cracked copy is 100% safe and doesn't raise any flags. Official makers can't know if you are using our cracked copy on your system, even if you already have a pro paid version installed the on same system.
#13 Craig Thu @ 24.Nov.2014. 08:07
I have LongTailPro but not Platinum. If I install your cracked version will the LongTailPro makers be able to detect it as being installed on the same computer as the originally purchased one? Don't want to raise any flags. Want to try Platinum for a few months before buying, but don't want to compromise my original purchase. Thanks for your help.
#14 Admin @ 05.Sep.2014. 13:10
@Jacob Suhr Nice to know you are satisfied and thank you so much for your compliments. It keeps us motivated.
#15 Jacob Suhr @ 05.Sep.2014. 11:41
Hands down the most effective customer support in the business. Answers are within 24 hours. Often within a few hours.
#16 alerrandre @ 27.May.2014. 15:45
I had a few problems using the platinum version, but they helped me to solve the issue with a really fast response.

We figure out that the problem was not with the crack but with my Google account :)

Best customer support ever!
#17 Admin @ 24.May.2014. 19:35
@Gurren Yes we confirm our Long Tail Pro Platinum Crack works fine same like official copy.
#18 Gurren @ 24.May.2014. 18:26
Is this crack still open?
#19 Petroni @ 25.Apr.2014. 06:29
Excellent Keyword Tool. Exactly what I wanted, simple and fast. Thanks Admin
#20 Admin @ 10.Feb.2014. 12:28
@lopentado Yes we confirm our LongTailPro Platinum crack is working very well. We are offering one year Free Crack updates so once newer version crack is released you can download Free update from members area.
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