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SB Bomber Crack

SB Bomber v.2 Crack

 Released February 2014

The Ultimate Social Bookmarking Bomber!

Automatically generates 1000's of links with the click of a Button.

Auto-Spinning, Drip-Feeding and Dual-Crawling integrates directly with SpinnerChief, Linklicious and Lindexed.


SB Bomber Crack is Everyone's Favorite Social Bookmarking Software!

* Submit to Popular, High Authority, High PageRank Bookmarking Sites NEW!

Get both traffic and backlinks from popular social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, SlashDot, Reddit and StumbleUpon. We maintain and update a list of 30+ custom high authority high PageRank bookmarking sites daily.

No other social bookmarking software in the world is as dedicated to updating and maintaining their high PageRank site list as we are!

* Get a Diverse Mix of Backlinks from 1000+ Different Sources

SB Bomber v2 Crack comes with a built-in list of more than 1,000 social bookmarking sites across multiple platforms (Pligg, Scuttle, ScuttlePlus, German SocialBookmark and PHPdug) that are updated and maintained on a regular basis.

You don't even have to spend time looking for sites to post to - the software does it automatically and updates EVERY SINGLE DAY!

* Simple to Use Account Management Dashboard

Account management just got a whole lot easier!

We have created one of the easiest to use, most helpful account creation systems ever.

Green = Registered Successfully
Yellow = Pending Email Verification
Red = Requires Attention

You will also be able to export your accounts to a .txt file, perfect for client work reporting.

* Post from Unique Accounts and Eliminate All Footprint!

You can generate a new set of random usernames and passwords by simply clicking on the randomization button. SB Bomber v2 Crack will then use a unique combination of First Name, Last Name, Username and Password on each website you're posting to.

ELIMINATE footprint by utilizing our spinning technology across all your campaigns!

This is the SAFEST way to build your backlinks!

* One-click Emails at No Additional Cost

Why bother creating emails manually? Simply click a button and you're done! It's that simple!

* Auto-populate Your Title/Tags/Description Field with Unique Spun Content!

Just enter the URL of your website and our proprietary software will fetch the Title, Tags and Description directly from your site's meta tags and then unique variations of them from WordAi.

Get more linkjuice from all the "unique" content without having to rewrite anything manually!

* Drip Feed and Schedule Your Links

Link velocity is a HUGE factor in today's SEO world. That is why we added the ability to schedule out all your campaigns naturally.

You can easily submit your bookmarks in a drip style - slowly posting over a number of days to ensure a "natural" looking link profile.

...and More!

* Post to Multiple CMS's - Scuttle, Pligg and PHPdug
* Upcoming Feature! Post to Web 2.0 Platforms such as JCOW and ELGG
* Self-host Your Email Accounts via Direct cPanel Integration
* RSS Crawler - Submit your blog's RSS feed and SB Bomber's crawler will fetch all the pages from your blog. You don't have to create multiple campaigns for each pages.
* Live Link Exporting - Export your links to a .txt or .csv file along with each website's login username and password.
* Pinging and Indexing - Integrates with PingFarm (free), Indexification, Lindexed and Linklicious's API.
* Multi-threading - Goes up to 100 threads! You can do 100 tasks simultaneously, this is truly the fastest social bookmarking software on the market!
* Proxies - Comes with built in server-based proxy, add your own for higher success rate.
* 3rd Party Captcha Solving - Integrates with popular captcha solving software such as GSA Captcha Breaker or Captcha Sniper, and 3rd party captcha solving services such as SpamVilla OCR, Death By Captcha, De-captcher, ImageTyperz and ShaniBPO.
* Automatic Email Verification - Verify all your emails with the click of a button.

Just give it a shot, you'll be shocked at how intuitive SB Bomber v2 Crack is.


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SB Bomber v.2.x Crack
SB Bomber Crack
SB Bomber Crack
#1 Admin @ 18.Feb.2014. 17:34
@Elvis Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful words. It is what makes us stronger and keeps us motivated.
#2 Elvis @ 18.Feb.2014. 15:02
Guys, this is super awesome. Since I started IM some 9 years ago, I don't think that I have dealt with a group of guys that are so talented, hands-on-the-trottle, and helpful as you guys. All your apps are up to date and you answer every question with clarity and zero hassles. I keep celebrating everyday that I have you guys as a go-to resources. I am completely satisfied with your service.
Its MEGA thank you from me.
#3 Admin @ 23.Sep.2013. 12:44
@Jake No, There are not any limits of crack. Our SB Bomber Cracked copy works same like official copy.
#4 Jake @ 23.Sep.2013. 04:44
Hi, this seem an awesome tools. Are any limits for crack version?
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