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Captcha Sniper Crack

Free Update: Captcha Sniper X3 Cracked

Our Existing Captcha Sniper Crack Customers can Download Captcha Sniper X3 Crack FREE Update from members area.

Captcha Sniper X3 Crack Changelog:

* Added literally hundreds of user defined types based on filename conventions, with custom algos for each .. feel free to tweak this if you want using the new optimizer feature in CDK.  Also an important note here:  Im working on a cloud based update system so that its easier to get you these datasets ...  as we will be adding them at a dizzying pace moving forward :)

* Captcha Sniper now uses the ImagMagick COM dll instead of the exe.  This eliminates quite a bit of the overhead and speeds most captha algos between 20-50%.  Ultimately, there will be no I/O for a solve ~ resulting in uber fast and efficient processsing :)

* More than 30 mappings for named captcha types to existing algorithms (both hard and soft).
Optimize in CDK ~ this feature cycles through your algorithm trying different combinations of scale and thresholds to find the highest success rate.  This has been applied to nearly every algorithm .. resulting in an across the board successful solve rate.

* Fuzzy captcha matching for named types where sizes dont match .... in laymans terms ... for example you can now add a single type in CDK of different sizes and CS will match based on the filename (platform in GSA) but the sizes dont have to match.

* Auto-detection on some equation (math) captcha types.

* Copy captcha types in CDK.

* Import and Group by Name and Size from the unknown folder - CDK (for GSA labeled captchas)

* Various GUI elements fixed in CDK.

Captcha Sniper intercepts calls made to most popular captcha solving services including Decaptcha, Death By Captcha, AntiCaptcha and Bypass Captcha. Captcha Sniper solves the captcha and returns the answer to the calling software and also includes a command line interface.

Stop waisting your time and hard-earned money on captcha solving services that are slow, inaccurate and costly. Captcha Sniper solves captchas faster and without having to pay per captcha.

Captcha Sniper solves hundreds of different captchas for popular platforms such as WordPress, Movable Type and many others - and works with your favorite tools such as NoHandsSEO, SEnukeX, RankBuilder, AutoPligg and more.

Fire up Captcha Sniper and simply select the platform(s) that your favorite IM tool is posting to ... and watch Captcha Sniper do it's magic .. saving you time and money on both captcha services and bandwidth.


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Captcha Sniper Cracked Download
Captcha Sniper Cracked Download
#1 Cliff @ 25.May.2014. 16:53
Wow Captcha Sniper is working GREAT with my No Hands SEO crack. Its saving my lot of time and Money :)
Thank you admin
#2 Pierre @ 20.May.2014. 18:58
Its best software to solve captchas and save money.
#3 Admin @ 11.Dec.2012. 01:31
@Shadab No you don't need to buy any captcha service for Captcha Sniper to work. Its stand alone software. There is no limit so you can solve unlimited number of captchas with it.
#4 shadab @ 10.Dec.2012. 23:21
Do I need to buy other captcha solving service with this? Or if this is stand alone so how many captchas it solved in month?
#5 derrick @ 05.Sep.2012. 15:26
This program works. I am tickled pink with delight. Ive been using it with scrapebox and have a 76% approval rate now LOL
#6 Admin @ 07.Jul.2012. 21:42
@Victor Yes of course, Captcha Sniper is working fine.
#7 Victor @ na 07.Jul.2012. 17:22
does Captcha Sniper still works?
#8 Alex Mall @ 11.Jun.2012. 16:31
This is my 4th purchase from these guys and they ROCK. Every software that i purchased works like a charm. Thanks for your hard efforts guys. Keep up to good work!
#9 Admin @ 20.May.2012. 10:52
@Mike Yes our Captcha Sniper Crack works good with No Hands SEO Crack, same like paid one.
#10 Mike @ 20.May.2012. 08:07
Hi there, does the crack version of Captcha Sniper work with the crack version of No Hands SEO? Thank you.
#11 Admin @ 06.Mar.2012. 11:35
@loutfie Captcha Sniper developer says that it does not yet work with BMD, but this is being worked on.
#12 loutfie @ 06.Mar.2012. 10:44
Hi admin
I want to ask is captcha sniper working on bookmarking demon?
Thank you
#13 Admin @ 15.Jan.2012. 23:59
@Pie so far captcha sniper doesn't work with recpatchas but the developer hopes to add this feature soon into it.
#14 Pie @ 15.Jan.2012. 22:09
Captcha Sniper work for reCaptcha?
#15 Admin @ 12.Jan.2012. 20:34
@fersupe Please select right captcha type before running senukex account creation/submission. Also make sure to go through the PDF user manual.

Following steps would be helpful for you to test it:

- Run Captcha Sniper and Select PhpBB2 and PubBB

- Run SenukeX > Click New > New Forum Profile Account Creation Project > Select PHPBB and Start Account creation after filling out "Account Creation Profile"

- Now Captcha Sniper should be working well to solve Senuke captchas
#16 fersupe @ 12.Jan.2012. 07:14

Thanks again for the wonderful cracks...bought so many from u guys..:)...been very happy with it....

I need some the few other customers in the Captcha Sniper thread..i am having problems running CS with SenukeX (also bought from here) it possible to give a bit more detailed steps to get it working?

Thanks again
#17 Admin @ 25.Dec.2011. 18:47
@kim quy This error happens if the thread count is too high, try lowering your thread count and the error will go away.
#18 kim quy @ 25.Dec.2011. 16:58
Help! The work does not work on FFH. error: " invalid procedure call or argument-5 During data arrival". Thank you!
#19 Admin @ 20.Dec.2011. 04:21
@crownny Yes Captcha Sniper Crack is working very well.
#20 crownny @ 19.Dec.2011. 20:41
does captcha sniper crack still work?!
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